Hospital Signs

Hospital Signage

Hospital information signs need to be clear and concise with easy to follow information. Here at Vivid Signs we can supply all types of hospital signage that will suit the different types of application within a hospital environment.

Below are just a few examples of the different types of hospital signage within a hospital environment for any enquiries please contact 01373 825503 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Directional sign systems are a critical and necessary form of hospital signs because of the vast area that hospitals cover. Directional sign systems need to be laid out in a precise and clear manner in order for visitors, patients, supply deliveries and hospital staff can follow easily.

Health and safety signs play a vital role within hospital signage because of the sheer volume of people that travel through on a daily basis.

Hospitals have a large volume of traffic that needs to be managed correctly due to the amount of people travelling to and from hospitals. At vivid Sign we can supply standard traffic signs or bespoke hospital signage to suit your applications.

Notice boards (external/ internal) are also very important. We can supply lockable notice boards in various sizes with different types of backing boards from pin boards to magnetic boards.

Window Lettering

Make a positive first impression and provide vital information to guests and patients as they enter your facility and at nursing stations with clear, concise window graphics. Window lettering makes a positive impression as people enter your facility.

Custom Marker Boards

Simplify your work by tracking and monitoring patient activity with custom-designed erasable marker boards. Erasable marker boards make it easy to input and track progress.

Directional Signs

Enhance way-finding with appropriately placed and designed graphics. Identify your property with a monument sign that reflects your image.

Safety Signs

Identify exits, "No Entry" areas and emergency locations and procedures with safety signs. Use Safety and I.D. signs to indicate potentially hazardous situations.

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